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All India Network Project on Biofertilizers

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The oil crisis of the early 70’s necessitated an intensification of efforts for increasing the nitrogen inputs through biological nitrogen fixation in Indian agriculture. As a result, the All India Coordinated Research Project on Biological Nitrogen fixation (AICRP BNF) was sponsored by ICAR in 1976 and run with A.P. Cess funds until it became a regular plan scheme in VI th plan beginning in 1978. The coordinating centre of the project was located at microbiology division of IARI, N Delhi. In 1997 it was shifted to IISS Bhopal. In 2004, during VIII th plan, it was renamed as All India Network project on biofertilizers (aicrp BNF). There were 11 centres during 2004-2007. In 2008, during XI th plan the project was renamed as All India Network Project on Soil Biodiversity-biofertilizers (aicrp SBB). The centres (SAUs/ ICAR institutes) are based on agroecological regions and cropping systems. The project aims to enhance productivity and quality of crops, minimizing the usage of chemical fertilizer, and improve soil health. The project envisages exploring microbial diversity and developing promising biofertilizers. biofertilizers are produced at different centers. Project contributes in the improvement of livelihood of tribal and marginal farmers and train scientists, farmers, and extension officers through dissemination of biofertilizer technology.

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biofertilizers are preparations of living microorganisms that are useful for promotion of plant growth and soil health through a variety of mechanisms like biological nitrogen fixation, solubilization of insoluble phosphates and other nutrients, production of growth hormones and combating plant diseases. These include specific strains of bacteria, fungi and blue-green algae.    By using biofertilizers farmers have most commonly reported earlier seed germination, more greenness, greater tillering and healthy crop stand. biofertilizers are attractive as a supplement as well as a compliment to chemical fertilizers as they are applied in small quantities, are cheap and when used along with small doses of organic manures and reduced dose of chemical fertilizers, give synergistic benefits on productivity, nutrient use efficiency, crop quality, soil health and disease suppression.

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Revenue generation, trainings, beneficiaries under the network project aicrp SBB   

Biofertilizer production (in lakhs)911879.75
No of trainings 27
No of farmer beneficiaries 1366
No of agril officers trained 50

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