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AICRP on Agroforestry

About Us

Agroforestry is the combination of agricultural and forestry technologies to create integrated diverse and productive land use systems. It is a multi-functional land use system which offers opportunities for economic gain, livelihood, nutrition and better health and more sustainable environment. Agroforestry is an age old practice in our country.  Agroforestry research itself in the country is more than 100 years old. Besides, India has been at the forefront ever since organized research on agroforestry was started worldwide. ICAR launched All India Coordinated Research Project on Agroforestry (AICRPAF) with 20 centres in 1983. At present there are 37 centres – 26 in SAUs, 10 in ICAR and 01 in ICFRE Institutes representing all the agro-climates in the country. This was followed by establishment of a National Research Centre on Agroforestry on 8th May, 1988 at Jhansi, U.P., which was later on upgraded as Central Agroforestry Research Institute on 1st  December, 2014. The Coordinating unit of AICRPAF was shifted from ICAR, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi to, Jhansi w.e.f. 1st April, 1997.