Historical Background and Origin

The AICRP on Goats was launched in 1971 in the IV five year plan period with the objective to improve the production performance of goats in country as well as of evolving high yielding genotypes for increasing the production of milk, meat and fibre. At the initial stage, there were two separate projects known as AICRP on Goats for milk and AICRP on goats for pashmina and mohair. The coordination centers of the projects on milk and fiber were allocated at NDRI, KARNAL and IVRI, Mukteshwar respectively. Subsequently, both the projects were amalgamated into one project with effect from 1st April, 1974 along with a third component i.e. AICRP-Goats for meat.

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There were 9 research units functioning tinder this project in the Sixth Plan Period in different parts of the country representing different agro-ecological zones. The All India Coordinated Research Project on Goats (for Milk Production) is located at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal and Kerala Agricultural University, Trichur.

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