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The animal identification and performance recording of livestock species have been carried out by different developing countries.  Animal identification and record keeping are building blocks for enhancing livestock productivity and effective decision making for genetic improvement program.However, some countries have not been able to follow the animal identification and performance recording, therefore the genetic worth of livestock is not known and some of the breeds were lost due to lack of information. However, some countries are recording the performance of livestock on small flock size. This data too are not put in a proper format and updated regularly and remain underutilized. It is also difficult to analyze in time frame manner as they are scattered in different registers across the region. Keeping in view of the above facts, the information management software was developed to trace the pedigree as well as its performance. This database is primarily aimed to manage data on goatshowever; in future it can be modified to fulfil the need of other species too.  The software is named “Goat Production Management Information System” (GMIS). Presently this software is affordable, sustainable, robust, secure, web enabled and user friendly.E-based centralised information management system can be used for creation of National Data Bank. It is developed using My-SQL, PHP, Java running. It can run on both Windows and Linux operating system. This software hasstructured breeding plan and can easily help in genetic evaluation of animals by which we can easily retrieve information on different aspects of goat production.

Historical Background and Origin:


The AICRP on Goats was launched in 1971 in the IV five year plan period with the objective to improve the production performance of goats in country as well as of evolving high yielding genotypes for increasing the production of milk, meat and fibre. At the initial stage, there were two separate projects known as AICRP on Goats for milk and AICRP on goats for pashmina and mohair. The coordination centers of the projects on milk and fiber were allocated at NDRI, KARNAL and IVRI, Mukteshwar respectively. Subsequently, both the projects were amalgamated into one project with effect from 1st April, 1974 along with a third component i.e. AICRP-Goats for meat. During Vth five year plan, this project was re-designated as All India Coordinated Research Project on Goats (for milk, meat and fibre) and the coordination center was located at CSWRI, Avikanagar under the responsibility of Dr. R.M. Acharya, Director of the Institute. It was subsequently shifted to the National Goat Research Center (IVRI) Makhdoom.


Plan -wise number of Units and Breeds


Plan Type of Unit No. of Units Breeds
IV Farm 6 6
V Farm 8 6
VI Farm 9 8
VII Farm 7 8
VIII Farm 5 8
IX Farm and Field 16 12
X Farm and Field 11 12
XI Farm and Field 14 12
XII Farm and Field 18 13+ ND (3)
XIII Farm and Field 21

15+ ND (5)