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All India Coordinated Research Project on Honey Bees and Pollinators

Thrust Area

1 Documentation of pollinator diversity in different cropping systems
2 Documentation of role of pollinators in enhancing the yield of crops
3 Development good bee keeping  management practices for Apis mellifera for pollination and Honey Production
4 Nucleus stock production in both Apis mellifera and Apis cerana through mass queen rearing techniques
5 Development good management bee keeping practices for Apis cerana for pollination and Honey Production
6 Diagnostic techniques and management strategies for the pests and diseases of honey bees and other pollinators
7 Conservation of Non-Apis pollinators
8 Technologies for the mass production of native pollinators such as Bumble bees, Xylocopa  and Syrphid flies will be developed
9 Development of suitable techniques for increased honey production from Stingless bees and its utilization in pollination for crops
10 Dissemination of bee keeping technologies to farmers, rural youth and women
11 Awareness cum training programmes on importance of pollinators in sustainable agriculture and their conservation
12 Entrepreneurship development in Meliponiculture and Bombiculture through advanced trainings