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AICRP on Irrigation Water Management

Success Stories

Name of the center Success stories
Bhatinda Centre Diversification with hi-value crops and adoption of water saving techniques
Canal water harvesting and use of micro irrigation for higher productivity
Hisar Centre Efficient use of runoff water through artificial recharge of storage well technology
Sriganganagar Centre Cotton cultivation under drip in tail end of canal command
Canal water harvesting and drip system bring farmers out of water scarcity
Morena Centre Border Strip method of irrigation in Wheat
Border Strip method of irrigation in Mustard
Kota Centre He dared Cultivating Potato under Drip: Once a Laughing Stock now Inspiring other Villagers
Shifting from Flood to Border Strip Method – A Leap towards Scientific Water Application
Belvatgi Centre Border Strip method of irrigation for judicious use of water
Prabhani Centre Cotton cultivation under drip system
Rahuri Centre Advocating sprinkler system for enhanced water use efficiency in Canal Command: Vane’s Model
Converting saline soil to fertile land – Power of participatory approach
Bhavanisagar Centre Once failed did not dither him from practicing SRI: Now taking double profit and inspiring others
He ventured turmeric cultivation under drip-fertigation and doubled Rhizome yield with two-third water
Madurai Centre Chasing weather through mini mobile sprinkler – Bumper groundnut crop in Coastal sandy soils
Sweat News to sugarcane growers – Sub surface mechanized sugarcane cultivation
Faizabad Centre Multiple use of water
Pantnagar Centre Diversification with proper field layout
Powarkhera Centre Proper drainage for reclamation of waterlogged area
Chiplima Centre Farm pond in Canal Command shows path of diversification and higher profitability
Pusa Centre Through Micro irrigation, he manages his orchard without stress – A novel way in high rainfall region
Almora Centre Micro harvesting of water – Ensuring livelihood security in Hills
Jammu Centre Initially reluctant but now advocating Border strip method in irrigation for enhancing yield
Palampur Centre Cultivating bumper crop through System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
Harvested rain water helped him to improve his social status
Gayeshpur Centre Tapping of unrealized potential of residual soil moisture through mustard and rapeseed paira cropping in lowland rice ecosystem
Jorhat Centre A “Mahanayak” of Bodo Land – Showing path of prosperity to misguieded youth
Shillong Centre JALKUD – Brings smile to Hill farmers
In-situ residue management pays dividends to Hill farmers
Chalakudy Centre Converting underground salty water into sweet water through charging with rain water
Subsurface dyke at Thrangali Kadavu – Showing way towards double cropping
Navsari Centre Converting barren to fertile land by draining salts and excess water
Dapoli Centre ‘Konkan Jalkund’ – Brings smile to farmers of Konkan Region