All India Coordinated Research Project on Linseed

Protection technologies developed by centres

  • Two sprays at 15 days interval of spinosad 45 SC (0.015%) reduced bud fly infestation  up to 78% .
  • Two sprays of neem based commercial formulation containing azadirachtin 300 ppm reduced bud infestation up to 63% and thereby resulted in enhancement of seed yield upto 40%. Seed treatment with Thiram (3g/kg), Trichoderma harzianum(4 g/kg) / viride (4 g/ kg) or Thiram+ T.viride / T. harzianum (1:1) reduced wilt incidence significantly.
  • Seed treatment with Vitavax power @ 2 g/kg seed followed by two spraysof    Saaf @ 0-2% or Mancozeb @ 0.25% gave maximum control of Alternaria
  • Foliar spray of sulphur@ 0.4% (sulfex) at 45 and 60 DAS were found most effective for management of powdery mildew.