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AICRP on Nematodes

KAU Vellayani

Nursery treatment with carbofuran @ 1 kg a.i./ha and seedling root dip in 0.2% dimethoate for 6 hours before transplanting for managing rice root nematode.

  • Application of saw dust/paddy husk @ 500 g per plant/neem leaves/eupatorium leaves @ 250g/plant in the basins 3 weeks prior to planting and watering daily for managing root-knot nematode. 
  • Application of neem/eupatorium @ 15 t/ha two weeks before sowing for controlling root-knot and reniform nematodes. 
  • Seed treatment with Bacillus macerans @ 3% w/w of seed for the management of nematodes.
    Seed treatment with B. macerans @ 3% w/w of seeds + drenching pits with 2% solution may be used as sticking agents for seed treatment in the endemic areas of root-knot infestation.
  • Nursery treatment with B. macerans @ 25 g/m2 + drenching with 2% solution of formulated product of B. macerans 7 days after sowing for managing root-knot nematode. 
  • Nursery treatment with Purpuerocillium lilacinum @ 25 g/m2 + main field application of P.lilacinum @ 5 g/m2 for the management of root-knot nematode.

Application of neem or eupatorium leaves @ 15 t/ha, two weeks before sowing for the management of root-knot nematode and reniform nematodes.

  • Paring + hot water treatment + neem cake for organic banana production. 
  • Paring + carbofuran for commercial production.
  • In heavily nematode infested area paring banana suckers and dipping in hot water @ 55° C for 20 minutes and application of neem cake 1 kg/plant (two split doses first at planting and second at 3 months after planting) or carbofuran 0.5 g a.i./ha for the control of nematode complex in banana. 
  • Paring + sucker treatment with B. macerans/ P. lilacinum @ 5 g/sucker + pit application @ 20 g/pit 45 days after planting for managing nematodes. 
  • Soil application of carbosulfan 1 kg a.i/ha at the time of planting for managing nematodes.

Application of carbofuran 3G @ 3.3 g/m2 or neem cake (200 g/m2) at the time of planting and neem cake (100 g/m2) at 45 DAP in endemic areas of root-knot and burrowing nematode infestation.

Application of B. macerans (1.2 x 108 cfu/g) per pit just before monsoon for controlling root-knot nematode.

 Apply Pseudomonas flourescens @ 10 g/m2 for controlling root-knot and burrowing nematodes.

  • Rhizome treatment with Pseudomonas flourescens @ 3% w/w of seed material for managing root-knot and burrowing nematodes. 
  • Mulching with neem/glyricidia/clerodendron @ 5 kg/m2 at 30 days after planting for managing root-knot and burrowing nematodes.

Application of P. fluorescens 10 g/pit at the time of planting for managing root-knot nematode.

Deep ploughing of the field in summer (30-45 cm) and crop rotation with non-preferred hosts like tapioca and sweet potato (var. Shree Bhadra) for controlling root-knot nematode.

Seed material treatment with B. macerans @ 3 g/kg or P. lilacinum @ 3 g/kg for root-knot nematode management.