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AICRP on Seed

Enhancement in Seed Replacement Rate (SRR)

SRR is a measure of cropped area covered with quality seed. Hence SRR is having a direct bearing on productivity augmentation and enhancement in farmers’ income and is one of the means for achieving doubling the farmers’ income. Below referred illustration clearly reflects the incremental trend in nation-wide SRR in major crops.  The increment in SRR in crops viz. wheat (40.30) and paddy (39.81) is of greater significance and is due combined efforts of varied seed stakeholders and adept policy backing. Farmers were also being contemplating the fact about replacement of seed in high volume and low value crops reflects a sea change in perception and are viewing agriculture as a remunerative enterprise.

Source: Seed Section, ICAR

Increment in SRR of pulses and oilseeds is also mainly due to renewed emphasis and due to policy initiatives (seed hubs) in Indian seed domain.