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AICRP on Plastic Engineering in Agriculture Structures & Environment Management

Thrust Area

  • Standardization of location specific design of poly houses and shade net houses for round-the–year use.
  • Development/improvement of laying techniques and its mechanization for plastic mulch and low tunnels.
  • Techniques for rainwater harvesting in plastic lined ponds and their management.
  • Development of plastic based low cost pressurized irrigation system equipped with pumping unit powered by non-conventional energy source.
  • Development of plastic devices/systems for intensive fish culture and animal shelter.
  • Application of plastics for post-harvest management (handling, storage and packaging) of important agricultural produce.
  • Standardization of soil less cultivation techniques for major high valued crops.
  • Improved livestock shelters and feeding system should be developed in order to obtain potential growth of animals in changing climate.
  • Low cost portable solar dryers for hills
  • Improved agro-techniques for enhancing pulses production using micro-irrigation, water harvesting & mulch
  • Development of portable cooling chamber to reduce post-harvest losses
  • Design and development of improved hatcheries and Aquaponics systems for aquaculture
  • Perfection of modelling techniques and / or development of suitable models for inputs optimization and output maximization for protected cultivation. The model should be able to predict micro climate, yield and produce quality.
  • Research on development and application of biodegradable plastics in agriculture and allied sectors to address environmental issues. This work may be undertaken in collaboration with suitable agencies.
  • Development/improvement of plastic components of farm equipment.