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All India Network Project on Pesticide Residues

Approved Label Claim And MRL

Approved Label Claim and MRL


On the basis of the pesticide residue data generated by conducting over 2500 multi-location supervised field trials following GAP in different agro-climatic zones of India, 115 label claims & safe waiting periods on the various pesticide-crop combinations have been approved by CIB&RC for their commercial use in the country. The pesticide label is the information approved by the CIB&RC to comply with all instructions and use directions provided on the pesticide container/leaflet for safe and judicious use of the product. It also includes information about active ingredient(s), targeted pests and the targeted crop(s).


For the purpose of fixation of MRL of pesticides in food commodities as per the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, pesticide residue data on food commodities was generated by conducting multi-location supervised field trials following Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in different agro-climatic zones of India. The data was subjected to consumer risk assessment which has led to fixation of 115 MRLs on various pesticide-commodity combinations by FSSAI