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Pig husbandry and pork production in India has been gaining slow but steady momentum since from VIth Five Year Plan. Pig farming in India primarily a small scale unorganized rural activity and is an integral part of diversify agriculture particularly in the tribal belt of the country. All India Coordinated Research were established in different location of the country in order to generate location specific information on pig breeding, feeding and health covered measures. The AICRP on pig centers which were established in the country in the year 1970-71 with the objective of studying the performance of assisting breeds under optimum managerial condition have generated substantial information on exotic pigs.

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The AICRP on Pig centers have generated sufficient data on pig production and productivity under different agro-climatic conditions of India. Significant research has been conducted specially in the field of breeding and genetics, nutrition, reproduction, disease and health management under farm and field conditions in indigenous and exotic breeds of pigs and their crosses. The AICRP on pig due to its multi-location presence in different agro-climatic conditions of the country targets the issues of region specific technology in changing environment. The programme addressed the issues relating to involvement of different stakeholders participation viz. private sector, NGOs, farmers association and co-operative societies. Lots of stake holders are benefitted through the project.

All India Coordinated Research Project on Pig:

Significant achievements have been made in respect of pig breeding, nutrition, reproduction including endocrinology, production, health management practices, extension education, and technology dissemination. The details about the same areas are described below.

A. Animal Breeding & Production:

  • Breeding programmes were developed to generate the following genotypes/genetic groups:
    • Conservation of indigenous germplasm
    • Genetic improvement of indigenous pigs

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Project Coordinator’s message

Pig is one of the most important food animals, especially in the North Eastern region, with a population of 9.06 million. Pig farming provides immense opportunities for poverty alleviation through employment generation and nutritional security. However, it has been estimated that there is a deficit of 50% in terms of production-demand of pork and the decline in total pig population of the country are causes of concern. 

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