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All India Coordinated Research Project on Potato


The overall objective of AICRP (Potato) is to “develop high yielding varieties with desirable attributes for diversified end usage aid improved production technologies for potato in different agro-climatic regions” which could be accomplished through the following specific objectives

  • Evaluation and identification of improved high yielding potato varieties according to consumer preferences and user groups and different target environments.
  • Evaluation and identification of sustainable agronomic practices and profitable potato based cropping systems for different regions.
  • Monitoring of diseases/pests and other problems of potato in varied agro-climates and identified appropriate measures for their control/management.
  • Identification of areas suitable for production of disease-free potato seed and develop seed production technology.
  • Evaluation and identification of technologies for minimizing post-harvest losses.
  • Development of linkages with Agricultural Universities, State Departments of Agriculture/Horticulture, KVKs and other developmental/extension agencies.