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All India Coordinated Research Project on Potato

Research And Development


Crop Improvement Varieties for early bulking; nutrient and water use efficiency; late blight resistance; processing; suitable for cultivation in non-traditional seasons and areas; and suitable for growing under organic/low input regimes. 
Crop Production Integrated nutrient and water management; potato based intensive cropping systems; agro-techniques for increasing total factor productivity (TFP); agro-techniques for non-traditional areas and seasons; organic farming; and development of low input production technologies.
Crop Protection Surveys/monitoring of potato pests; integrated pest management; late blight forecasting and management; and effective management of whiteflies.



Agron.1 System productivity and economics in different Potato-based intercropping systems
Agron.2 Nutrient management in potato based most popular cropping system of the region
Agron.3 Develop site specific NPK requirements
Agron 4 Effect of raised bed potato planting patterns under drip irrigation
Agron 5 Effect of organic manures on growth, yield, nutrients uptakes of potato and its impact on soil health.
Agron.6 Effect of mulching with fertilizer levels on yield of potato
Agron.7 Development of organic based farming system for potato
Agron.8 Potassium requirement of potato under different irrigation methods
Agron.9 Effect of level, method and scheduling of fertilizers on potato yield
Agron.10 Performance of potato cultivars under drip irrigation
Agron.11 Standardization of nitrogen requirement of newly released potato
Agron.12 Effect of plant growth regulator on tuber yield of potato
Agron.13 Standardization of cut seed tuber production technology
Agron.14  Validation of QUEFTS model
Agron.15  Nitrogen management in potato
Agron.16 Productivity and economics in different potato-based cropping sequences
Agron.17 Effect of planting and irrigation methods on growth and yield of potato
Agron.18 Studies on fertigation in potato during kharif season
Agron.19 Response of potato to different organic manures and biofertilizers under high altitude conditions (gurez).
Agron.20 Rice straw management in Rice-Potato system
Agron.21 Effect of potassium on growth, yield and quality of potato.




Genet.1 Evaluation of Germplasm
Genet.2 Multiplication of genetic material
Genet.3 Region specific breeding programmes at SAU based centers
Genet.4 Advanced varietal trial (AVT) with medium maturing hybrids
Genet.5 Initial varietal trial (IVT) with medium maturing white skinned hybrids
Genet. 6 Initial varietal trial (IVT) with early maturing hybrids
Genet. 7 Initial varietal trial (IVT) with red skinned hybrids
Genet. 8 Trial with hill & kharif potato hybrids (1st year)
Genet. 9 Varietal trial (IVT) with processing (chips) hybrids
Genet.10 Trial for heat tolerance
Genet.11 Evaluation (IVT) of water stress tolerant hybrid
Genet.12 Initial varietal trial with hybrid having combined resistance to late blight and cyst nematodes
Genet.13 Initial varietal trial (IVT) with nitrogen efficient hybrids
Genet.14 Era trial to estimate the trends in genetic gain


Agron.21 Effect of potassium on growth, yield and quality of potato.



Path.1 Monitoring of late blight and A2 mating type of phytophthora infestans in standing crop and tubers at harvest and after cold storage
Path.2 Surveillance of important potato pests in the region (Pest capture plots)
Path.3 Scheduling of fungicide application for the management of late blight
Path.4 Organic management of late blight using copper compounds
Path.5 Studies on seed degeneration
Path.6 Management of early blight
Path.7 Management of bacterial wilt in potato
Path.8 Management of common scab in potato
Path.9 Management of common scab in potato


Ent.1 Monitoring of aphids, whiteflies, thrips, hoppers and mites in unsprayed crop
Ent.2 Efficacy of flonicamid against aphids
Ent.3 Management of whitefly
Ent.4 Management of hopperburn in warmer areas
Ent.5 Biological control of soil pests in potato
Ent.6 Organic management of red ant and mole cricket in potato
Ent.7 Organic management of aphid in potato
Ent.8 Evaluation of effective chemicals against shoot borer (leucinodes orbonalis) In potato
Ent.9 Management of mites in potato
Ent.10 Evaluation of insecticides for the management of thrips and incidence of stem necrosis virus disease
Ent.11 Evaluation of potassium silicate for management of aphids and whitefly
Ent.12 Management of epilachna beetles