To execute research and extension works as per its mandate to provide site-specific technologies for management of salt affected soils and use of saline/ sodic waters in agriculture for enhancing and sustaining productivity under such conditions.

Thrust Area

Micro-irrigation system for saline water use to high-value crops; to develop crop production functions with improved irrigation techniques.

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Survey and characterization of the salt affected soils and ground water quality in major irrigation commands.

Evaluate the effects of poor quality waters on soils and crops and plants.

Develop standards/guidelines for assessing the quality of irrigation waters.


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Welcome to AICRP-SAS & UAS

The All India Coordinated Project on Use of Saline Water in Agriculture was first sanctioned during the IV Five Year Plan under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi at four research centres namely Agra, Bapatla, Dharwad and Nagpur to undertake researches on saline water use for semi–arid areas with light textured soils, arid areas of black soils region, coastal areas and on the utilization of sewage water respectively. During the V Five Year plan, the work of the project continued at the above four centres. In the VI Five Year Plan, four centres namely Kanpur, Indore, Jobner and Pali earlier associated with AICRP on Water Management and Soil Salinity were transferred to this Project whereas the Nagpur Centre was dissociated. As the mandate of the Kanpur and Indore centres included reclamation and management of heavy textured alkali soils of alluvial and black soil regions, the Project was redesignated as All India Coordinated Research Project on Management of Salt Affected Soils and Use of Saline Water in Agriculture.

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