This Centre was sanctioned during VIII five year plan and started functioning at C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar (Haryana) w.e.f. January 01, 1995. The centre is situated in Agro ecological region 2 (Western plain, hot arid region) and located at 29010’ N Latitude and 75046’ E Longitude.

  • Groundwater quality of thirteen district of Haryana was assessed on GIS and GIS based.
  • Sodic water of high RSC (11.6me/l) can be successfully utilized through neutralization with gypsum along with FYM for various vegetable crops.
  • Demonstrations on amelioration of sodic soil and use of sodic water for wheat and mustard crops for technology transfer were conducted in south -western part of Haryana.
  • Computer based calculation of gypsum requirement (Utility Application) for amelioration of sodic soil/water was developed in Hindi and English languages. It is widely used by extension/Agriculture field functionary. The farmers can also easily work out gypsum requirement for sodic soils and sodic water.
  • Irrigation with saline water of EC upto (6-8 dS/m) can be used in conjunction with canal water in cotton –wheat and pearl millet –mustard rotation alternately with 2C:1S. The technology paves way to arrest secondary salinization in canal command.
  • Saline water of EC 7.5 dS/m can be used in vegetable crops through drip irrigation method.
  • Sprinkler irrigation proved better than flood irrigation at all levels of saline water irrigation.
  • Number of amendments and bye-products such as gypsum, pyrites, distillery spent wash and press mud were identified for sodic soil reclamation.
  • Gypsum bed technology for RSC water for location specific situation was developed.