RRS, PAU, Bathinda

This centre was sanctioned during XII Five year plan and started functioning at RRS, PAU, Bathinda under PAU, Ludhiana as per ICAR Order NRM-1(21)/2014-SW&DF, Dated:  25-04-2014. The centre is situated in Agro ecological region 2 (Western Plains, Hot arid) and located at 30.2110° N Latitude and 74.9455° E Longitude.

  • Maximum electrical conductivity (1.6-10.0 dSm-1) and residual sodium carbonate (0.0-20.6 me L-1) were reported in Talwandi Sabo Block of Bathed district.
  • In Bathed district only 25 % water could be used without any possible risk of soil salinization due to their low electrical conductivity. Further, 51% water was marginal and could be used with adopting recommendations for irrigation and 24% water was not suitable for irrigation due to their higher electrical conductivity.
  • Basis of RSC 68% water is safe (RSC, <2.5 meL-1), 9% water is marginal (RSC, 2.5 to 5.0 meL-1) and 23% water is unsafe for irrigation (RSC, > 5.0 meL-1) in the district.
  • On the basis of both parameters (EC and RSC) only 20 percent water is good, 51 percent water is marginal and 29 percent water is unfit for irrigation.