All India Coordinated Research Project on Sesame and Niger
(AICRP-Sesame and Niger)



  1. To develop high oil and high yield varieties/hybrids suitable for different agro-climatic regions and crop growing situations (Kharif, Rabiand Spring/ Summer) with resistance to major biotic and abiotic stresses.
  2. To undertake germplasm collection, conservation, characterization, cataloguing and dissemination of information and materials.
  3. To produce nucleus and breeder seed of released varieties.
  4. Expansion of sesame to non-traditional regions by developing variety/hybrid(s) with crop production technologies suitable for prevailing cropping systems such as sesame in kharif (fallow), and rice fallow regions and also in summer season.
  5. Development and refinement of integrated nutrient and weed management system for aberrant weather condition with higher input use efficiency and sustainable production.
  6. To identify efficient inter and sequential cropping systems with sesame as one of the components for different situations.
  7. Exploration of different components of IPM for the management of major insect pests (Antigastra, leafhopper, Asphondylia) and diseases (Macrophomina, phyllody, Phytophthora, Alternaria, Cercospora and Powdery mildew).
  8. Transfer of improved technology to farmers for reducing the yield gap. 


  1. To develop high seed and oil yielding varieties suited to diverse situations with an emphasis on low input conditions and resistance to major insect pests and diseases.
  2. To undertake collection and management of germplasm resources.
  3. To undertake production of nucleus and breeder seed of released varieties.
  4. To develop agro-production and protection technologies for different niger growing areas and situations.
  5. To study the scope of raising niger as sequence and intercrop/ off season crop for increasing production and profitability.
  6. Identification of sources of resistance against major insect pests and disease
  7. To demonstrate the potentials of improved technology.