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AICRP on Sorghum
( AICRP - Sorghum )

About Us

  • All-India Coordinated Research Project on Sorghum (AICRP on Sorghum) was established in December, 1969 with the main objective of conducting research on grain and forage sorghum improvement. Its coordinating unit was initially located at the main station of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) at New Delhi, with 11 cooperating centers positioned in different states under State Agricultural Universities (SAUs).
  • The cooperating centers are identified for multi-location testing of technology and products for sorghum improvement, besides contributing to sorghum research. The coordinating unit was shifted to IARI Regional Station, Hyderabad in 1970. More AICRP centres were added in the subsequent five year plans.
  • The IARI regional station at Hyderabad was reframed as the National Research Center for Sorghum (NRCS) in 1987 and the AICSIP was integrated with this centre. NRC sorghum further elevated as the Directorate of Sorghum Research (DSR) in 2009 and Indian Institute of Millets Research (IIMR) in 2014.   A research station was established in 1991 at Solapur (Maharashtra) to support the Rabi research activities. One off-season nursery facility was created in 1995 at Warangal, as a national facility to support AICRP researchers.
  • At present, the AICRP on Sorghum has 21 centres, spread in 11 states under 17 SAUs, mostly situated at all sorghum-growing areas of the country, covering the Kharif and Rabi types of grain sorghum, Single & Multi-cut forage and Sweet Sorghums.