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AICRP on Soil Test Crop Response

Convergence And Linkage

Crop specific convergence and linkages

Crop Technologies Provided to AICRPs/ICAR Institutes
Rice DRR, Hyderabad and  CRRI, Cuttack
Wheat DRW, Karnal, Haryana
Maize DRM, New Delhi
Millets NRCS, Hyderabad & AICRP on Small millets, Bengaluru
Pulses IIPR, Kanpur
Cotton CICR, Nagpur
Sugarcane SBI, Combatore and  IISR, Lucknow
Vegetables AICRP on vegetables, Varanasi
Oilseeds NRCG, Junagadh, NRCR&M, Bharatpur,  DOR, Hyderabad, AICRP on Sesame & Niger, Jabalpur, AICRP on Linseed, Kanpur
Fodder Crops IGFRI, Jhansi
Medicinal & Aromatic plants Directorate of medicinal & Aromatic  Plants, Anand

Apart from above, the following linkages were also developed in recent years:

  • * State Department of Agriculture: Involved in the STCR training programmes and various verification trials and FLDs.
  • * ATMA/SAMETI/IFFCO/KRIBHCO/NABARD: For involving farmers’ and for promoting FLDs.
  • * STLs: Implementation of STCR recommendations by all the STLs of the state; good progress has been made in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
  • * Linkages with Soil Physics Division, IARI for development of indices related to SPAD meter.